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Name of Cement
Manufacture LocationName of Cement ImporterImporter LocationCertificate No.Date CertifiedProduct RangesStandardsStatus
Vissai Ninh Binh Joint Stock CompanyVietnamAlpine CementKZN1710925/01/2018CEM I 52.5N, CEM II/A-LL 42.5R, CEM II/B-M 32.5RSANS 50197-1:2013 SANS 50197-2:2017Active
Xuan Thanh Cement Joint Stock CompanyVietnamStrongbuild CementCape Town1910223/10/2020CEM1 52.5, CEM II/A-LL 42.5 R, CEM II/B-M 32.5RSANS 50197-1:2013 SANS 50197-2:2017Active
Cleopatra CementEgyptVictoria InternationalKZN1910316/08/2019CEM I 52.5N White CementSANS 50197-1:2013 SANS 50197-2:2017Pending
Cimsa Cimento San Tic. A.S.TurkeyCarst & WalkerGauteng2112118/03/2021CEM I 52.5R, CEM II B-L 42.5RSANS 50197-1:2013Active
Cimento Nacional LdaMozambiqueN/AN/A1811322/09/2018CEM1 52.5N, CEM II(A-L) 42.5N, CEM II (A-M) 42.5N, CEM V/A(S-V)32.5N, MC 22.5XSANS 50197-1:2013

SANS 50413-1:2014 SANS 50197-2:2017
Cemza CementPort ElizabethN/AN/A1911004/03/2019CEM1 52.5N,CEM II (A-M) 42.5N, MC 22.5X, CEM II B-L 32,5N, CEM II A-L 42,5R, CEM IIIA 42,5N, CEM II B 32,5N, CEM II B-M 32,5N (Builders), CEM II B-M 32,5N, CEM II B-M 42,5N, CEM III B 32,5NSANS 50197-1:2013 SANS 50197-2:2017Active
Raysut Cement Company S.A.O. GOmanAlpineKZN1710918/05/2018CEM I 52.5 N, CEM II A/L 42.5 R, CEM II B/L 32.5 RSANS 50197-1:2013 SANS 50197-2:2017Active
King Shaka Cement/Crown CementGautengN/AN/A2112201/04/2021CEM V/B(S-V) 32.5NSANS 50197-1:2013

SANS 50197-2:2017
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